30 March 2011

The Problem With The American Family

The Problem With the American Family

It is difficult for anyone in contemporary American society who accepts any form of "Christianity" to NOT be bombarded, via  Christian Radio, Television, or Streaming Internet, with messages regarding the assault by the devil and demonic forces upon the American family and how it is the will of Satan to tear the family apart. That's absolutely true!  I am not alluding to differences family members may have when it comes to interpreting Scripture, I mean Fathers hating their daughters and Mothers spitting on the ground their sons walk on!  Jesus Christ has NOTHING to do with such bitterness!  Unless the chain of sin is broken through repentance familial sins CAN be passed on.  It's not Dad's or Junior's fault.  It's by the disobedience of the Lord's created humans in Eden - Eve and Adam.  The Lord said "Don't Eat of This," however, they did their own thing and disobeyed God (see Exodus 20:5).
Let Us Go Unto The House Of The Lord

As an American Christian, there are certain things that are "no-brainers", as they are issues that are covered in the Scriptures, and the Scriptures are quite clear on what a believer's position should be.  Other issues are simply "cultural", "geographical" or really don't matter one way or the other.  For instance, what about forms of government in other countries? Are we going to be so ridiculous as to say that if once they repent, accept the gospel, and obey it, they are not saved?

America is mentioned NOWHERE in the Bible.  God does not play favorites, either (Acts 10:34).  The notion that somehow the United States is a Christian nation, we are the Lord's favorites, everyone is to bow to us and accept our form of government, and the current skirmishes we are involved in are "God's War" is utter nonsense!

Of course thank the Lord for the country you live in!  Pray for the troops! Let's pray that this mess will end soon! Though I cannot help but think that the unrest in the Middle East and the sending of troops from all over the globe to that region of the world will begin the Battle of Armageddon and Time of Tribulation.

Younger teen-age girls with poor birth control habits  and Homosexuals are not the causes of the breakdown of the American family.  The problem with the American family is that Dad would rather hang out at the bar with his buddies and get stoned than have some REAL eyeball to eyeball contact with his son, or  have an innocent game of catch with him.  And Mom?  She's too busy at the Spa doing Pilates and attempting to look good in a dress that NO ONE should wear - much less a woman with children.
The Lord our God is one Lord!
The kids?  All alone and left up to their own devices.  No wonder they want a big screen TV! No one's ever home but them.  Left on his own, what Dick finds on the internet is horrendous!  Sally isn't even there.  One of the "bad boys" at school has convinced her to make herself up to look like a street-walker, and off they have gone to the moving picture show.

Where's the parental guidance on righteousness and holiness?

So, to take attention off the failure of your own responsibilities, you're going to blame the homosexual for this?
The problem with the American family is men (perceiving themselves as head of the house), "smacking" their wives around (she is to be submissive!), and not letting her talk at all.  He rarely lets her speak with the other ladies at church much less know what's going on in "the outside world".  If he let her talk she might turn around and "out preach" him (that's a very big fear of his).  She doesn't want to leave, but it's somewhat fun not wearing a slip or anything else under her garments and flashing people.  As a young Apostolic girl, she was never allowed to ride on the backs of motorcycles with "bad boys" or go to moving picture shows.  She never got her nails done nor had her pores cleansed at the Spa.  As opposed to letting others see the "real" her, displaying Truth (the Lord Jesus Christ) she has covered Him up with lip gloss, foundation, and eye shadow.  She is not going to stop her daughter from having the fun she never got to have!  It turns out that Dick is an appropriate name for the boy, as that is the only thing that matters to him.  Girl after girl has been ruined by him - - and he lets her know that if there is going to be any birth control in their time together, the responsibility rests on her.  He can hardly wait until Saturday - - that's when he gets his new tattoo.

And the church is going to act ignorant and pass misinformation around by blaming homosexuals for this mess?

Rev, Elder Marty Wright
Founder & First General Overseer
Christian Pentecostal Church International
World Fellowship Center
Detroit, Michigan USA
I will lift up my hands and praise the Lord!

29 March 2011

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24 March 2011

Pentecostal/Charismatic Publisher Sues Pentecostal/Charismatic Televangelist

Signs of the Times are everywhere!
Pentecostal/Charismatic televangelist Benny Hinn is being sued by a Christian book publisher for allegedly violating a morality clause in their book contract.

According to the "Orlando Sentinel", Strang Communications (publishers of "Charisma" magazine and several Christian book labels) launched the suit on 20February2011,  claiming that Hinn violated the morality clause when he began an "inappropriate relationship" with another popular Pentecostal/Charismatic figure, Paula White.

The suit says Hinn was given a $300,000 advance on the first of a three-book deal with Strang.

It says that last August, Hinn acknowledged the "inappropriate relationship" with White and agreed the publisher should get the money back However, the suit says Strang has still not received that money.

Last summer, the "National Enquirer" published photos of Hinn and White going in and out of a hotel in Rome holding hands.

According to the publication, "Christian Today", both denied any wrongdoing and said they simply shared a "friendship" and that no "immorality" existed between them.

Hinn has stated that the twice-divorced White has been an encouragement to him after his wife filed for divorce last year.

* Original article authored by Fred Jackson of OneNewsNow on 20February2011

06 November 2010

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16 December 2009

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Sister Leona went on to be with the Lord in April 2006, This left a great void in the life of Brother Mark, but he was determined to carry on the ministry of Jesus Name Radio, then circumstance beyond his control forced him to take the ministry off the air for a period of time.

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16 November 2009

WEEKLY WISDOM - Home Bible Study Outline from CPCI & ChristNotes

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  • We want to be spiritually grown, but we don't like growing because growing hurts.
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